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Where Did That Come From?

Anyone who follows any kind of sports has had the opportunity to see an athlete get completely taken by surprise.
  •          The QB stares down a receiver and is oblivious to the defensive back that has a bead on the route and cuts in front of the throw that he saw coming the whole way to make the interception.
  •          An outfielder is so focused on the ball he is ready to catch to make the “out” that he runs right into the other outfielder trying to do the same. While both of them are in plain view of each other, they completely seem to fail to notice the other player.
  •          A boxer gets so tuned in to the jab that he doesn’t see the hook shot coming that lays him to the canvas.

You get the idea. Sales can be the same way! Even seasoned sales professionals can get so caught up in the routine that they have or the existing channels which bring them sales and revenues that they walk right by phenomenal opportunities without ever even noticing them.

There is a great video on YouTube that demonstrates this issue. If you want to watch it just follow this link (no, it is not mine, but it is worth sharing). The challenge seems simple, but you might be surprised at the actual answer.




Are you in sales? Of course, those of you who are familiar with me know that there is only ONE correct answer to that question. The answer is YES! We are ALL in sales.

Whether you work for a small company, a large corporation, or even for yourself, you need to market yourself and build your brand. At the same time you need to be drumming up sales (revenue does pay the bills folks!!)

What is the sales opportunity that is right in front of you? Is it a prospect that told you “no” once so you have driven right by their building for the past three years? Don’t you just hate it when you finally drum up the nerve to walk back in only to find that the person you didn’t hit it off with left two years ago and the new person would love to talk? Oh, the thought of the lost revenue opportunities.

Here is my challenge to you this week. Force yourself to think outside of the norm. Brainstorm hard on areas that you have not traditionally received revenue from. For those of you just building and establishing your brand or your business (you know who you are), write down every crazy thought that comes into your head. You have far more opportunities in front of you than you realize. 

Just take the video challenge and consider your current level of awareness and challenge yourself to start expanding your sites. I would love to hear your success stories! Leave a comment and share yours!


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