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If you are looking for someone to ignite your audience to achieve the next level of performance, look no further.

Chris has spoken to audiences large and small and always brings a high level of energy and engagement with him.

He is a Certified Speaker and Executive Master Trainer. Using his proprietary 3C Model of Performance as his foundation, Chris focuses on the keys of Communication, Connection, and Conversion to help his audiences learn to achieve massive sustainable growth.

Whether he is speaking to a couple of hundred people in the audience or five thousand, Chris delivers with the same level of passion and enthusiasm.

He is passionate about helping others to realize the God-given potential that is on the inside of them so they can accomplish their true purpose in life. His mission is to ignite, inspire, and empower others to release the excellence inside of them.



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The 3C Model of High Performance


Effective speaking is often confused with effective communication. You haven't communicated effectively until you do so in a manner that everyone else around you fully understands. Learn how to speak the 4 universal languages spoken across the world and you will become a master communicator. 


It has often been said that a leader has to connect with the heart before asking for a hand. In a day and age where so many people confuse a title and benefits with leadership, it's no wonder that so many people don't trust their leadership today. Learn to become a leader people want to follow.


Ready to achieve massive and sustainable sales growth? While conversion is reaching the pinnacle of performance, it all builds one concept upon another. Your prospects aren't game to be hunted and 'closed'. When you learn the power of conversion, you will create a culture of massive growth. 

"If you want a special experience for your organization or for your group, Chris is the man to navigate it. He's got stories, he's got charisma, he's got integrity, but most of all, he's the message that he brings. I believe in him and I highly recommend him."

Les Brown
International Speaker

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