Products & Resources

Check out our available resources below. We have courses, assessments, books, etc.

Products & Resources

Check our our available resources below. We have courses, assessments, books, etc. 

Online Courses


LinkedIn Mastery Course


This course provides well over 6 hours of up-to-date training to help you learn how to master your settings, profile, strategy, and brand on LinkedIn. 

Once you receive access to the course, you will also automatically receive future lessons as they are released. This course is not "static". It will continue to grow and evolve over time.

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How To Discover Your Team's Potential Course


Stop achieving your 'plan' and start achieving the true potential that your team is capable of. This in-depth 31 lesson course will help you discover the 'how' to recognize each member's strengths so you can inspire them.

This course is self-paced & includes over 9 hours of total video training.

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Online DISC Assessments


Choose from our wide assortment of Personality Performance Profile assessments. They can all be completed online in as little as 15-20 minutes and you will receive your personalized results in the report you select. 

There are multiple adult versions available, including a Hiring Insights assessment, as well as assessments designed for teenagers and children. 

There are even a few versions available in Spanish and French. Grab yours today!

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Sales Skills Assessment


Get your free copy of the Sales Skills Assessment Tool today. 

It will help determine the key areas to help you and/or your team grow in the areas critical to sales success. 

Determine your areas of need and we can customize training to help develop those specific skills. 





Want a signed copy of this Christian Leadership #1 best-selling book? Within the U.S., we will ship you a copy personally signed by Chris.

Of course, you can also grab a copy of the paperback, hardcover, or Kindle versions of the book directly from Amazon if you prefer. Please just note Amazon copies are not signed.

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Discover Your Team's Potential


Want a signed copy of our best-selling book? If you are ordering within the U.S., we will ship you a copy of the book personally signed by both Chris and Melissa who led this project. 

Of course, you can also grab a copy of the physical or Kindle version of the book directly from Amazon as well. Who doesn't love choices, right? 

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Printed Products 

DISC Training Posters 


Two things to note:
  1. There are 5 different types of posters. The DISC Model, 41 Style Blends, and blank charts are always the same. You can order any of them now if you want. However, a personal graph or a combo graph needs to have the graphic made using your specific graph(s). So, if you want one or both of those, please do NOT order anything until you share your graph with us, and then I can create your unique chart. When it is ready, I put it in the store with your first name and last initial. I will hide those after you have placed your order. The blank chart is new, but we like using that one in training so we can put a participant's dots on them to quickly show them their graph (be sure it is laminated if you do that so you don't tape on dots and tear your poster).
  2. These are ordered and shipped directly from the printer. They are printed on 210gsm satin paper with a low-glare finish, so they are very good-quality posters. However, the printer does not laminate, so if you want to laminate yours (we did ours and definitely recommend it), simply get them laminated locally. The printer calculates the tax and their own shipping, so that isn't something we control. However, the shipping decreases with multiple products on the same order, so I do recommend ordering them together if you want them. It will be cheaper than ordering individually.
We have found the average delivery is about a week. So they are timely as well. The link below goes directly to the page to order. Again, if you want a personal or combo chart, let us get yours custom made for you first before placing an order. We can then let you know when that is ready and you will then find it in the store.
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