All sessions are currently being conducted virtually.

DISC Human Behavior Consultant Certification



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Become a Certified Personality Insights DISC Trainer!

The objective of the Behavioral Studies training modules is to enable participants to DISCOVER, EXPERIENCE, and APPLY the four temperament DISC Model of Human Behavior in order to enhance and positively impact their success both personally and professionally. 

Our training modules are based on the works of William Marston who developed the DISC Model of Human Behavior. From Marston's work, we understand that most people have predictable patterns of behavior. These predictable patterns determine your model of the world, how you tend to see life, and will greatly assist you to understand why you often feel, think, and act the way you do. 

In this highly interactive training program, you will:
  • Learn how to get better results in your personal and professional life
  • Enjoy a fun and interactive atmosphere of learning
  • Develop communication skills that will enhance any relationship
  • Discover practical tools that are proven, effective, and easily applied
  • Enhance your team dynamics and client relationships
  • Learn how to administer and use a Discovery Report online personality assessment
  • Receive instruction directly from Chris and Melissa Rollins, the Executive Master Trainers for the United States
  • Learn about topics such as communication skills, strengths, and relationship development
  • Become an Accredited Trainer in association with Personality Insights Institute
  • Refresher seats are available for those who have already completed a previous DISC Level 1 Personality Insights Certification
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All sessions are currently being conducted virtually.

Upcoming Class Schedule

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Additional training options will be updated here by September 30th

CLOSED-September 25-27, 2023 Online Certification (Level 1)-CLOSED October 23-25, 2023 Online ADVANCED Certification (Level 2)

Online Assessments

Personality Insights Consultants can provide multiple versions of the Adult Profile to their clients, able to be purchased on demand (no inventory necessary) at wholesale pricing. 

There are 4 main versions which provide analysis from: 

6 pg Concise, 30 pg Standard, 50 pg Extended, 65 pg Leadership. We have specialty Sales and Fitness versions as well, in addition to a Hiring Insights Assessment for pre-hiring assessments. 

In addition, we have Concise and Extended versions for Children (5-12) and for Teens (13+) as well. These are written specifically to fit their age brackets. 

We cover six workbooks in detail during the certification training. You will receive your copy of each along with your training binder. Each workbook can be used individually (or together) as needed. While they cover different topics and client needs, each workbook has enough content to deliver half-day to full-day sessions. Personality Insights Consultants are licensed and trained to utilize all of these resources. Your Consultant training fees are 100% yours and are never shared. 

Training Curriculum

Adult Profile

The Adult Profile Assessment (APA) resource is in booklet form.

Here is one of the most accurate tools available for DISCovering your personality style. You can assess your adult personality style and see your DISC graphs and determine your personality style blend.


The Funbook is used in conferences and training sessions to teach the fundamentals of The Model of Human Behavior.

This power-packed booklet gives all the vital information about DISC in an easy to understand format with handy fill-in-the-blank spaces. Each of the four personality styles is explained and detailed information is given about each of the four different personality styles. This booklet is positive, uplifting, informative and FUN!

Individual Personality Dynamics

Understanding Yourself Through Your Personality Style!

Understanding your basic style

Discovering your basic priority

Discovering your decision-making style

Understanding your communication style

Clarifying your style blend characteristics

Interaction Dynamics

Understanding our interaction profile

Our interaction dynamics

Communicating our differences and needs

Respecting and valuing Task-oriented individuals and People-oriented individuals

Combination dynamics for all types

Creating your personality flow chart

Presenting With Style

Knowing What to Say & How to Say It… when it comes to presenting any material.

Presenting from each DISC perspective to each of the other style.

The 6 P’s of Presenting with Style:
– Prepare, Plan, Practice, Personalize, Present, Persuade

General Presentation Tips

DISC Advantage

The DISC Advantage booklet includes

An adult personality profile assessment that is self-scored (not online)

Information on all 41 different style blends

The Funbook information – featuring The Model of Human Behavior

Information from the “Guide to Effectively Reading People” charts

Rollins Performance Group BONUSES

We believe that the curriculum and training materials developed by Dr. Robert Rohm and provided by Personality Insights are truly second to none within the industry. The bonuses provided exclusively for attendees of Rollins Performance Group training sessions are given in addition to the certification you will receive from Personality Insights and are provided at NO additional cost. Chris passionately believes that the power of any assessment doesn't lie in the written report itself, but in the trained eye that can take the information provided and help someone develop clear, actionable steps from it. His mission is to ensure that the trainers we certify are the best equipped trainers in the marketplace today .

Private Facebook Group

Our community of certified DISC trainers collaborate and continue to learn how to get the most out of the DISC experience. 

Ongoing Recorded Teaching Calls

You just thought your training was over when you achieved your certification. Gain access to our private weekly teaching calls to help support you after training is done. 

Personalized Video Endorsement

Upon certification and at your request, Chris will provide a studio produced video to help market yourself as a Certified Human Behavior Consultant. 

Limited Seating Sessions

This is not an event. It is an interactive workshop. We limit our in-person and online class sizes so you get plenty of personalized attention during your session. 

"My understanding of the other 90% of the world will never be the same."

Michael Smith

"Fantastic! I really am excited to take this back to my employer for implementation."

Brianna Baier
Unity Health Insurance

"Thank you for letting us interact and experience this course. Best DISC trainer out there. "

Betsy Allen-Manning
Motiv8U Enterprises

"Chris has been amazing from start to finish! Value! Value! Value! Loved it!"

Delatorro McNeal II
Platinum Performance Global LLC

"I loved this intimate, fun, and practical workshop! I'd recommend it without hesitation for anyone who is open to enhancing their communication and relationships."

Jelena Simpson
Jelena Simpson Consulting

"Chris did a great job of managing the personalities in the room and teaching to all. Great foundation of DISC with valuable take-aways and teachable concepts."

Carson Lonett
James Madison University

"I have had the privilege of sitting under Chris Rollins' training and instruction. I was given expert instruction on the DISC Model of human behavior and his teachings have caused my personal understanding as well as my interaction with others to grow exponentially. I have watched Chris present to groups of people with very different backgrounds and yet, be instantly relatable and engaging to all of them. That is why I will continue to go to him for his business. You should, too!"

Ken Hartley
Hartley Leadership Resources

"Some trainers simply share information with you and then leave you to figure it out on your own. This is never the case with Chris Rollins of Rollins Performance Group. Chris goes above and beyond teaching information and application. He teaches the nuances of training and facilitating. This is why Chris has the designation of DISC Master Trainer."

Curtis Kaufman
Midwest Food Bank Southern AZ Division

"Chris is a phenomenal Master Certified DISC Trainer. I don't say that lightly. I have a deep love of adding value to people and when I have the honor of not only meeting, but getting to know and learn from someone who aspires to do more than recite words but really bring them, and the learning, to life in your mind - that is a special day. That is Chris Rollins. His energy and passion, his knowledge and background, are what set the tone for one of the absolute best learning experiences you may have. Lots of people teach, lots of people have knowledge, but it is someone truly gifted that breathes life into the material on a page and takes it from something 'fun to learn' to something that changes lives. If you ever get the chance to learn from or work alongside Chris - take it, you won't regret a single minute."

Megan Anderson
J.B. Hunt Transport Services, Inc.

All sessions are currently being conducted virtually.

Upcoming Class Schedule

Click any red option below to view available ticket options and Register Now

Additional training options will be updated here by September 30th

CLOSED-September 25-27, 2023 Online Certification (Level 1)-CLOSED October 23-25, 2023 Online ADVANCED Certification (Level 2)

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