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Stand Out From The Crowd!

You are in sales! Whether or not that is “officially” a part of your title, I will say again….You ARE in sales!
When you are in front of your dream prospect, the recruiter for your dream job, or that dream opportunity that is right in front of you, the first impression is where you have the chance to sell yourself apart from the rest of the crowd. That’s right, I said “sell yourself apart”, not “set yourself apart”.

What are some ways to sell yourself apart?

  • Be prepared! Yeah, I know this sounds simple, but you would be surprised how often “professional” salespeople show up on a sales call ready to “wing it”. They (because that would never be “you”, right?) like to rely on their “gift”! Do some homework so you know enough about the prospect to ask some well thought out questions.
  • Be genuinely interested in THEM! Too many reps today are just trying to close a deal so they can make a quick buck. What they fail to realize is they may be passing by a lifetime of sales in the process. I remind sales teams often that making a “deal” might get them a commission, but making a customer might help make them a fortune. You only make lifelong customers by being genuinely interested in them.
  • Don’t just ask them questions to get to the presentation part of your call! You must really let them lead you. A good salesperson simply guides the conversation and allows the prospect to walk themselves right to their conclusion. Then, their job is as simple as asking to convert at the right time (close). However, this is where the crowd is congested. Far too many reps ask questions just to get through the “process”, but their presentation and solution is already made up. Refer back to the last bullet point. If your mind is already made up about the solution then you aren’t really interested in them.
  • Forget “finding their pain”!!! Find their pleasure instead! There is something about someone probing around to find “where it hurts” that I find very annoying. The doctor may do that, but then again, I don’t enjoy those visits either. That thought immediately puts you in a negative mindset. Why don’t you try discussing their objectives and then develop a solution that helps them achieve their vision. When they see how you can help them achieve their goals it puts them in a mindset of pleasure. By the way, when you are following up with them, if the first image they have when the call is transferred and they are told it is you on the phone is a positive one, the odds of them taking your call are exponentially increased. Otherwise, I hope you like leaving voicemails.
  • Be willing to openly share the pros and cons of your product or service! This will instantly set you apart from the “me too” salespeople who all simply rattle off their lists of why their offering is always the greatest thing since sliced bread. Give your prospects the credit they deserve. Whether you realize it or not, many of them have already done their on-line research and have some good information and thoughts already. Showing objectivity simply proves that you are there to help them make the best informed decision to meet their needs. The simple key here…you have to mean it!
  • Be willing to walk away! I realize this one is difficult for many salespeople who think that this would imply a failure, but, no matter how great your company is, no solution is right for every situation. Be professional enough to realize when your solution is not in the prospect’s best interest and let them know that. You might not get that sale, but you will almost certainly be their first call the next time they have a potential need as you have just built immediate credibility.
As professional salespeople, we still have to convert the business, but if we do it the right way we will not only improve those close ratios, but we will also help improve the overall image of professional salespeople.
Happy selling!

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