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Sales Drives The Train!


Doesn’t that concept sound so simple? You would think that everyone knows that basic concept by now. 

Unfortunately, it is more of an uncommon mindset in employees (and far too often management) than it should be. 

I am a HUGE advocate for customer service, leadership, personal development, and operational excellence. These are my trademarks that I adhere to and train on often. However, and I realize that some may not agree with this point, nothing happens without sales. 

Unless the sales team is bringing in revenue there won’t be any customers to serve. Without customers to serve that bring revenue there is no need to develop your people as they will be working somewhere else. Who really cares how clean the showroom is if you are closing the doors for the last time? 

I think you get the picture. So…why the train? 

Think about the Law of Perpetual Motion. If your sales team can get connected and moving in the same direction in unison they will begin to move together on the same track. Once a train builds up a head of steam it takes an awful lot to bring it to a stop. Unless it is derailed (something it is our job to never let happen), once it has motion behind it the train continues down the tracks with ease.

My biggest challenge to those of you reading this is simple. Every member of your organization is a sales person whether they like it or not. Accept, embrace, and proclaim that fact. If you want your train to build up the force behind it that it is capable of everyone in an “operations” role must accept that same responsibility. I realize there is a big difference between that and true professional selling, but the mindset is the most important. 

Sales can be a very rewarding job... and it should be. Successful selling takes hard work and dedication to hone one’s craft on a consistent basis so they can be the most professional salesperson competing for the business. Show your “sales team” some love and let them know how much they are appreciated! When you do, you are just adding fuel to the fire in the engines and will propel your own sales train to new levels! 


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