Ready to "dress up" your training sessions?

Melissa is extremely talented with crafts (yes, she really has an entire room for it). She originally just made these for our trainings, but got asked for them so much that she started making them for others as well. 

To order, select what you want and reach out to us directly. We will invoice you and get the information we need from you to create your order and ship straight to you. 

DISC Letters - $100

These are perfect for setting up in classes when you train. These 16" letters come painted and sealed. They are a great visual as well as something your participants can interact with. 

We add $15 for shipping within the continental U.S. These ship in their own separate box. 

The charts below will have a $10 shipping fee added to the total order. We can put them all in one box, so the shipping is whether you order one chart or all of them, not "per chart". Also, ALL charts are laminated before they are shipped out to you. These are all made on 22"x28" poster boards. Actual size will be slightly larger with the lamination.

DISC Model Chart - $50

The perfect chart to use with just about any training. We use this everywhere we go and keep it hanging throughout. It provides a visual reference for your participants of the DISC Model overview. 

The 41 Style Blend Chart - $200

This is our most requested chart. The colors are hand-painted with 16 different shades getting darker toward the outer rim to depict the increased intensity of the emotions as you move closer to the edge. The letters are then individually put on as well. If you want to show a visual team graph with your participants or just use it for explaining more about the different blends, this chart is priceless. 

Personal Chart Graph - $50

We use oversized dots to show your plotting point on this graph so it is easily visible to all participants in the room. Many trainers use this chart completed with their own personal graph to demonstrate with throughout training. 

When you order this graph, we will request a copy of your personal graph (or whoever you are using) so we know the plotting points to use to make this personalized chart, as well as how you want the name listed on the bottom. 

If you are considering using the Combo graph below this one, we recommend you also get a personal chart for each person to show them individually. 

Combo Graph Chart - $50

When you are doing trainings on interacting with others, such as "Interaction Dynamics" or even the Marriage series, the combo graph is perfect to show how two different people mesh together. 

When you order this graph, we will request a copy of both of the personal graphs of the people you want to use so we know the plotting points to use to make this personalized chart, as well as how you want the names listed on the bottom. 

"I went and bought the DISC letters and high-gloss paint yesterday thinking, "How hard could it be?" I came to an important conclusion. Melissa Rollins, you need to charge more for these!"

Jeanne Lynch-Schwass

"Guys, these letters are awesome! I get so many compliments on them. "

Jeanie Trevis Holzbacher

"I received mine and they are outstanding!"

Curtis J Kaufman

"I'll be using mine tomorrow. They're great!"

Ken Hartley

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