Proven Principles To Help Engage Your Team & Improve Performance

By Chris Rollins and featuring insights from leading human behavior experts. 

DISC is a model of human behavior. It is far more than merely an assessment that someone takes. Learn from the experts who share their personal experiences on how to actually apply this model to significantly impact your team's performance. 

Human behavior is predictable, but it doesn't have to be labeling either. This book isn't filled with academic theory, but explains real-world application to apply this in your daily life. 

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About the Authors


 Chris Rollins

Chris Rollins is the Founder and President of Rollins Performance Group, Inc., a company that focuses on developing leadership and sales teams to achieve massive top-and bottom-line growth.

He is also a veteran M1A1 tank commander and platoon sergeant. During his sixteen-year corporate career, he led high-performing sales and operational teams in the rental industry, where he became known as “The Sales Train Conductor.” He uses his experiences to help his clients learn how to challenge “in-the-box” ideas and concepts in order to achieve “out-of-the-box” results.

Through his impactful keynote presentations, seminars and workshop sessions, books, or consulting clients one-on-one, Chris uses his proprietary 3C Model of Performance as his foundation. The model focuses on the elements of Communication, Connection, and Conversion as the keys to achieving consistent and sustainable growth.

He is an Executive Master Trainer in the DISC Model of Human Behavior who has spent thousands of hours studying human behavior and teaching the model to others. He hosts certification classes for those who want to become certified and, better yet, qualified.

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 Ken Hartley

Ken Hartley is an inspirational speaker, an accomplished singer, a talented illusionist, a skilled actor, a bestselling author, and a gifted teacher. As a speaker, he has traveled the world speaking on leadership, personal growth, and communication, sharing the stage with some of the most notable speakers in the world. He has been a singer and actor on stage and screen since he was five years old. He has also performed as a professional illusionist all over the world, has authored ten books and has released two solo CDs. He has been in top level leadership positions for over 30 years in organizations ranging in size from 90 to 13,000 people.

He is a CSP® (Certified Speaking Professional) with the National Speakers Association. Less than 400 speakers worldwide carry this designation. He is a Certified Speaker with the Maxwell Leadership Team and a Certified recognized expert in the DISC Model of Human Behavior. He is also a recipient of the Merlin Award (think of the "Oscars" for magicians) from the International Magicians Society for "Corporate Inspirational Magician of the Year” for 2024.

Ken exists to empower you to look past what you currently see, into what you cannot see, until that becomes your new reality. His presentations combine powerful principles in the areas of leadership, personal growth, and communication with a lot of fun which he likes to call “edutainment”!!

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 Kathy Kasten

Kathy Kasten is the CEO, Founder, and President of Lion Crest Leadership LLC., a company focused on maximizing leadership potential for high-achieving individuals and organizations who want to reach extraordinary results and enjoy greater fulfillment, personally and professionally.

Kathy’s background in varied spheres (multiple small business owner, Fortune 500 management, managing homeschooled teenage daughter’s 10,000-books-sold writing career) allows her to bring a high level of excellence and a unique perspective to those she serves. She has worked with businesses, foundations, entrepreneurs, retirees, students, non-profits, educators, local government, and communities, adding value in areas such as leadership and team development, personal growth, business culture, customer service, marketing, sales, strategic planning, goal setting/achievement, and legacy.

Kathy works with her clients to heighten their understanding and ability to successfully leverage personal and organizational gifts through leadership and team development conferences and training, workshops, keynote presentations, online courses, assessments, executive coaching, books, and DVDs.

Kathy lives in Minnesota, is happily married to her high school sweetheart, and has one child and four beautiful grandchildren. She is also an Advanced DISC Certified Human Behavior Consultant.

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 Jennifer Behan

 Jennifer Behan is the owner of J Behan Consulting, a company that trains people to understand their unique personality style and communicate more effectively with others in order to help them work better together and achieve their desired results. She is an Advanced DISC Certified Human Behavior Consultant as well as a registered dietitian. Her experience includes counseling individuals, teaching classes, and speaking to community groups, as well as training teachers, parents, students, and business owners.
Jennifer enjoys working with high school and college students, helping them navigate the wide field of majors and career choices in order to draw out what they really want to do sooner rather than later in life. Higher education can be costly; it is her desire to help students truly understand who they are in order to more effectively utilize their time and money in pursuing a career that is fulfilling and satisfying.

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 Wes & Cindy Dove

Wes & Cindy Dove are nationally recognized thought leaders, authors, and trainers with a proven track record of helping organizations in every cross-section of industry improve productivity and increase profitability by providing practical tools that supervisors, managers, executives, and owners can apply immediately to build stronger values-based cultures and create a best-in-class leadership environment that attracts great talent and achieves measurable results.

Wes & Cindy are approved recertification providers with the Society of Human Resource Management (SHRM), the Human Resource Certification Institute (HRCI), and the National Association of Long-Term Care Administrator Boards (NAB/NCERS). Dove Development & Consulting has also worked with Virginia’s Department of Labor (DPOR) to have coursework approved to count toward the classroom hour requirement for registered apprenticeship programs.

Both Wes and Cindy are Certified Human Behavior Consultants as well as Certified Trainers, Speakers and Coaches through Maxwell Leadership, and Wes holds a professional credential (SHRM-CP) through the Society for Human Resource Management.

In addition to helping teams capture lost profitability through stronger leadership, they enjoy time with children and grandchildren, their rescue dogs, and Florida’s Gulf Coast.

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 Beth Reed-Richardson

Beth Reed-Richardson is a Human Behavior Consultant with Achieve More Growth Company, an organization that helps encourage and inspire individuals and teams so that they can discover their hidden potential. She graduated from Mississippi University for Women, where she held leadership roles in civic, social, and government organizations. She also completed the Bloch Strategic Leadership Program at the University of Missouri – Kansas City.

Over the last twenty years, Beth has led winning teams with top performance results while facilitating unparalleled culture within organizations.  She is an advocate and volunteer for numerous non-profit organizations in her community. Because growth and development are such an essential part of her life, she became an independent certified Coach, Trainer, and Speaker with The John Maxwell Team, a Certified Human Behavior Consultant affiliated with Personality Insights, and launched the Achieve More Growth Company.

Beth has spent thousands of hours studying the DISC Model of Human Behavior and teaching the model to others. Let her proven track record in leadership development and personal and professional growth be the deciding factor in choosing her to challenge and motivate you and your team. 

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 Ron Cooper

Ron Cooper is the Founder and President of The Cooper Culture LLC, a company that partners with entrepreneurs to increase profits and develop high-performing cultures. The Cooper Culture advances organizations by inspiring people to challenge the status quo through quality thinking.

Ron is a twenty-two-year USAF veteran F-4 Phantom pilot and commander who established a reputation for inspiring people to achieve extraordinary results. His leadership acumen and inspirational speaking demeanor are his hallmarks. During his twenty-year corporate career in the aerospace industry, he advanced several organizations from average to high performance, marked by their quality thinking and 90+ percent retention rates. Ron includes critical thinking, human behavior traits, and personal performance coaching to achieve extraordinary personal and organizational results.

Ron ignites people to extraordinary performance through his keynote presentations, seminars, workshops, and consulting. He is noted for his organizational and personal assessments to customize solutions to achieve strategic objectives.

Ron is a DISC Certified Human Behavior Consultant and John Maxwell certified keynote speaker, leadership trainer, and personal performance coach. He transforms organizations by advancing people—one relationship at a time.

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 Karen Bemmes

Karen Bemmes is an author, blogger, DISC consultant, and owner of Moving Toward Better. The mission of Moving Toward Better is to help people live their best life and let the rest go. Using the DISC system, Karen works with women entrepreneurs and couples to help them understand themselves and appreciate others. She helps individuals see their hidden talents, and couples appreciate their partners’ qualities, particularly the ones that are different and complementary to their own. Karen also helps other mothers understand their unique personality style and use that knowledge to enhance their parenting, as well as marital and professional relationships.

While Karen chose to turn her appreciation of the DISC principles into a career after her children grew up, she used the principles to parent her children, and appreciate the talents of teachers, coaches, PTA members, and more. 

Through keynote presentations, workshops, books, and one-on-one consulting, Karen teaches people to use their own personality traits to interact more effectively with their co-workers, partners, and family members to create an equally fulfilling professional and personal life.

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 Susan Davis

Susan H. Davis is an Executive Facilitator/Coach for Maxwell Leadership and also the Founder and President of S.H. Davis Empowerment Group.

Susan is a seasoned sales, training, and leadership professional with over twenty-four years of experience in the medical, pharmaceutical, and nonprofit industries. Susan is known for her high- energy style, coupled with her extreme passion for working with people and teams to empower them to abandon mediocrity, set goals, and deliver exceptional value to their customers with intentionality. 

Susan has helped companies set goals that break current boundaries. Susan shares this message through training, coaching, and keynote speaking and has worked with clients from a variety of backgrounds, including corporate groups, schools, real estate, medical sales, and nonprofit groups. Susan’s style is collaborative and results-driven.

With a bachelor’s and master’s degree, Susan is also a Certified Advanced DISC Facilitator, Certified Facilitator for Professional DynaMetrics Programs (PDP), Certified Facilitator for Executive Presentations Skills and Socratic Selling for Communispond, and a Maxwell Leadership Team Certified Leadership Trainer, Speaker, and Coach.

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 Matt Clark

Matt is a championship pit crew coach who has a unique perspective on high-performance team building and coaching. During his sixteen seasons, he was part of five NASCAR® Championships, and over eighty race wins. He also covered the sport as an on-air analyst for Fox Sports1®.

Matt's career includes wins at the five most prestigious races on the circuit: The Daytona 500 (biggest), The EA Sports 500 (fastest), The Brickyard 400 (richest), The Mountain Dew® Southern 500 (oldest), and The Coca Cola® 600 (longest).  His teams garnered multiple awards, including the Checkers®/Rally's® Double Drive-Thru Challenge, Mechanix Wear ®Most Valuable Pit Crew, and the Craftsmen® Pit Crew Challenge Championship®.

Matt has leveraged his experience to positively impact executives and organizations by adding value through coaching, training, workshops, and keynotes that focus on DISC methodology, leadership development, and team building. He understands the challenges of developing leaders, building teams, and achieving results in an extremely competitive environment. Using a P.I.T. (Powerful, Intentional, Transformation) approach, he works with executives and organizations to improve culture, communication, and leadership effectiveness.

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 Cherie Dasmacci Badano

Cherie is a Coach, Speaker, Trainer and Real Estate Broker located on the island of Maui in Hawaii.

Cherie has extensive business development experience in both the corporate world and as a business owner. Throughout her career and her personal life, she has experienced success, and faced adversity. Every situation we face in life contains a lesson, and there are rewards and consequences for each choice we make. With the right tools, we can make better decisions and have enhanced productivity, personal growth, and a better life.

Cherie intentionally surrounds herself with goal-oriented people who share her values. They have helped her grow into the person she is today, and continue to help her be a better person tomorrow. She is passionate about helping others achieve their goals. She is a certified Coach with the John Maxwell Team and a Certified Human Behavior Consultant with Personality Insights. Through her company, Aspire Leadership Development, she works with individuals, teams, and leadership to help them improve communication, increase productivity, and impact results. She offers workshops, seminars, mastermind groups, and keynote speaking, as well as individual coaching. She customizes training programs to serve the needs of your organization.

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 Ana Berdecía

Ana I. Berdecía, M.Ed., Founder and CEO of Potential Pathways, LLC., has been a growth expert for thirty years. She has helped hundreds of people and organizations improve their culture, communications, productivity, performance, and employee engagement. Her company offers life and leadership coaching, team building seminars, retreat facilitation, Lunch-N-Learns, masterminds, and leadership assessments. Berdecía uses her gifts to inspire people to find their strengths, positioning them toward excellence through the art of facilitated conversations. She believes that passion and potential are the gateways to taking leaders and their companies to new heights and innovative solutions.

Throughout her career, Berdecía has worked in social services, crisis management, nonprofit support, higher education, and public policy.  She earned both a master’s in education and a bachelor of art in sociology with a minor in women studies from The College of New Jersey.  She holds a standard teaching certificate and a certificate in nonprofit management. As a master teacher/trainer, she has taught courses and seminars in education, leadership, mentoring/coaching, cultural competency, communication, and leading effective teams. In addition, Berdecía is an independent certified coach, speaker, and trainer with the John Maxwell International Team and a Certified Human Behavior Consultant.

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Steve Goble

Steve is the Owner/Chief People Builder at the Goble Group. As a speaker, teacher, and certified coach, Steve helps individuals work through the realization that our lives and relationships won’t always be easy, but they’re always an adventure. Steve understands that the more high tech we become, the more high touch we will need to be, and he uses a personal touch to help his clients reach their goals. 

Steve is a firm believer that an organization is only as strong as its people—internal team members and external customers—and their ability to interact with one another to accomplish the tasks at hand and get the positive results needed to succeed. As the people grow, so grows the organization, and Steve helps the people to grow.

Steve is Founding Partner of the John Maxwell Team, a Certified Human Behavior Consultant, and was a 2017 “Forty Under 40” recipient from the Central Penn Business Journal. Steve currently resides in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, with his family, where he enjoys petting other people’s dogs and a good pint of IPA. No, he and his family are not Amish.

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Jelena Simpson

Professionally trained, licensed, and certified, Jelena’s passion is to empower, encourage, and equip others for transformational development—both in business and life! Challenging growth processes stretch our comfort zones, but Jelena is with you every step of the way as you create clarity, develop goals, and implement best practices to transition from good to better to best.

Jelena’s international services to enhance productivity and transformation include: team development, business and leadership coaching, corporate training, mentoring, and speaking. Jelena has been an active member of executive and management teams, giving her considerable insight into understanding organizational needs. Jelena has worked in both the private and public sectors with the best and brightest people as a confidante and trusted advisor since 1996.

She is twenty-three years happily married, with one son and a dog. Jelena was raised on a working ranch in West Texas, where values for family, integrity, and hard work were learned! Travel, reading, and service work are her pastimes.

Jelena’s goal is to find something to laugh about daily...and she has fulfillment knowing she has a place and plan to help others. She founded Jelena Simpson Consulting to help you, too.

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Dr. Carla Gray

Dr. Carla Gray is Founder and CEO of Educational Treasures, LLC.  Having been in business since 1999, she has provided countless individuals, business professionals, and school district staff members with resources, coaching, and professional training that has led to high performance and high achievement.

Dr. Gray is an entrepreneur who is a certified coach and trainer for DISC: The Model of Human Behavior. She designed the system, Success Formula: Personalizing Instruction for Massive Performance, to empower school districts to achieve massive student academic growth. Using DISC, Dr. Gray designs customized trainings and programs that revolutionize educational institutions, small businesses, entrepreneurs, community organizations, and organizational teams. 

 Dr. Gray holds specialized certifications and has worked in a number of educational capacities. She is certified in Leadership, Curriculum and Instruction, Elementary Education, and K-12 Reading Instruction. She has worked as a State Department of Education curriculum and instruction coordinator, Central Office curriculum coordinator, principal, and teacher.

Dr. Gray’s greatest passion is empowering people by giving them the KEY to unlock their GREATNESS!

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James (Jim) Costey

Jim Costey is a servant-focused leader, with over thirty years of leadership experience. Jim retired from the US Air Force, in the grade of colonel. He has served as an HR professional in the private and public sectors, and as a high school teacher. Jim found great success throughout his professional career by focusing on the needs of his teams and ensuring they were set up for success. Jim’s learned his leadership philosophy: Be respectful of all and know that everyone brings value early in life, and he embraces John C. Maxwell's philosophy of: Today you got my best, tomorrow you'll get better. Through those philosophies, his teams have reached high levels of operational success, customer satisfaction, and morale. Jim is a Certified Leadership and Human Behavior Consultant, and began serving as a coach and mentor in high school. Jim holds a bachelor’s degree in economics and master’s degrees in organizational leadership and design, and in military science. Jim and his wife Meredith are very proud parents of two amazing girls and a pack of rescue dogs. Jim loves cycling and is a rider and fundraiser for the National MS Society.

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Jamie Hansen

Jamie Hansen is the Founder of Alloy Solutions, LLC, a talent development company that melds your people’s industry expertise with proven psychological and human behavior success strategies to optimize your organization’s performance. Jamie’s twenty-plus years of experience in employee assistance and professional counseling have made her a sought-after leadership consultant, executive coach, and facilitator for many local and national organizations. Through coaching, speaking, and facilitating, she works to develop leaders, engage teams, and add value to the organizations and groups she serves. Jamie believes that a united and empowered group of people can do almost anything, and that belief inspired her to found Alloy Solutions, LLC, with the vision of providing a unique and effective vehicle to help leaders grow and organizations succeed.

Jamie is a Licensed Professional Counselor and is certified as an Advanced DISC Practitioner with Personality Insights. She is a certified Speaker, Teacher, and Coach with the John Maxwell Team. She earned her BA in psychology from the University of Nebraska at Lincoln and her MS in counseling from the University of Nebraska at Omaha.

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Folake "Dr. O" Oluokin, MD

As a DISC Human Behavioral Consultant, Certified High-Performance Coach, and emergency medicine physician, she empowers REAL CHANGE in the lives of her clients and patients.

As an Executive Director with the John Maxwell Team and a member of the JMT since February 2014, she was one of the coaches who qualified to join The John Maxwell Leadership Foundation initiative for Nation Transformation in Paraguay in 2016, and Costa Rica in 2018.

She helps individuals DISCover and maximize their strengths and minimize their weaknesses to STOP (Stay True On Purpose).

Dr. Folake Oluokun (for-lark-ay ohh-loo-ohh-koon) is affectionately known as Dr. O to her clients and friends, Momma O to her children and family and, as of March 2019, G’Momma O to her grandson Zeke and granddaughter Jonelle. She's a single parent to her most favorite daughter, Debbie, and her five sons (including two stepsons).

As a cancer conqueror since 2004, Dr. O runs her RACE with GRACE like a RACE horse that's RUNning to WIN.

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Gary Belzung

Gary Belzung began his leadership and personal growth journey in 1987. Since then, he has devoured personal growth and leadership materials and hasn’t stopped. He has attended over 100 seminars and training events, as well as studying over 300 leadership and personal growth books. 

 Gary believes every leader should make a difference in this world, and over the last three decades he has trained, coached, and mentored dozens and dozens of leaders who have, in turn, raised up their own leaders. He became hooked early on with helping emerging leaders learn new skills that catapulted them forward in their careers and personal growth.  Even though he’s made his living as an architect since 1975, he’s made a difference by pouring the leadership knowledge and wisdom gained over his career into the folks who are moving into new leadership roles.  

 Now that he’s retired from the architectural world, he’s moved into his last career, doing the thing that brings him the most joy—coaching, training, and mentoring leaders. His legacy will be the leaders that he pours energy into and then go on to raise up more leaders.

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Pamela Quinn

Pamela brings twenty-plus years of sales, operations, and business experience to the services offered through Lead Your Legacy. Prior to acquiring a healthcare operation, Quinn excelled at bringing challenged programs past barriers, and implementing transformational training systems. These systems secured individual team members’ commitment to ongoing change and growth. Under her leadership, organizations experienced an average 300+ percent growth in key performance indicators during the first year. Key strengths include securing marketplace opportunities for workforce and client base, mission-based systems, and culture evident business environments.

As an established entrepreneur, Pamela has developed concepts and strategies to inspire cohesiveness among professional peers, vertical and horizontal team relationships, and community leaders. The foundation of this cohesiveness lies in the “legacy” impact of action, leadership, and communication. In pursuit of expanding the footprint of the legacy leading concept beyond healthcare, Pamela established Lead Your Legacy in 2016 to guide others to embrace their role as a leader and pursue the legacy they are intended to lead. Pamela is an Executive Director with the John Maxwell Team and serves on the President’s Advisory Council for this international organization. Utilizing the resources of the John Maxwell Team, Personality Insights, and more, Pamela Quinn secures the best training and system development opportunities for clients.

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Melissa Rollins

Melissa Rollins is the Vice-President of Rollins Performance Group, Inc., where she uses their proprietary 3C Model of Performance to help companies achieve massive organizational growth by focusing on developing the foundational principles of effective communication, connection, and conversion skills.

Through her impactful keynote presentations and workshops, she shares her story to serve as an inspiration to others by delivering a simple, yet powerful message. “Don’t let your past dictate your future.” Her delivery empowers people to move forward from the circumstances of the past and into a future that they desire on their way to achieving the full potential that already exists within their unique giftings.

Melissa is an Executive Master Trainer in the DISC Model of Human Behavior who loves delivering the live training experiences that she and Chris host throughout the year. She enjoys creating special experiences for the participants, helping them learn how to apply the information received in the “real world” when they leave. She hosts certification classes for those who want to become certified, and better yet, qualified.

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