Proven Principles To Help Engage Your Team & Improve Performance

By Chris Rollins and featuring insights from leading human behavior experts.

DISC is a model of human behavior. It is far more than merely an assessment that someone takes. Learn from the experts who share their personal experiences on how to actually apply this model to significantly impact your team's performance. 

Human behavior is predictable, but it doesn't have to be labeling either. This book isn't filled with academic theory, but explains real-world application to apply this in your daily life. 

Order directly from Chris and receive a copy signed by Chris and Melissa (the leaders of this book project) for only $19.99 (free shipping within the U.S.) If you are outside of the U.S. we recommend ordering directly from Amazon to save the shipping cost.  

Want a complete video training course?

Want more? Purchase the in-depth video training course that Chris created. It is a 31 lesson course with over 9 hours of video training content. Learn the basics of the DISC Model of Human Behavior as well as the preferences of each style, how to motivate them, how to effectively communicate to each, and recognize each style's preferred ideal environment. You will never see your team the same way again. This course is designed to go at your own pace, so you can jump right in. Get access today for only $197 below.


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