Become Certified as a DISC Trainer!



What You Get:

• Over $500 worth of resources & training material including: book, assessments, and DVDs
• Comprehensive Consultants Manual: how to use, instruct, facilitate groups and consult within the field of Human Behavior

Rollins Performance Group Exclusive Bonuses:

・Access to our private ‘DISC Resource Group’ Facebook community where certified DISC trainers collaborate and continue to learn how to get the most out of the DISC experience. This is a unique opportunity that is only provided to those members who attend a Rollins Performance Group administered training session to become a Personality Insights Certified Human Behavior Consultant.

・Upon completion of the certification process and at your request, Chris will provide a studio produced video recommendation that you can use to help market yourself as a Certified Human Behavior Consultant.

・Receive access to our exclusive live weekly teaching/mentoring call with Q&A. Ongoing topics take you deeper into the DISC Model, support curriculum, and business building tools.

Gain accreditation with Personality Insights to do the following activities:

• Administer DISC Personality Style assessments
• Facilitate/teach DISC Behavioral Studies in your company or with your clients
• Purchase training resources at a 40% discounted rate
• Discounted refresher course opportunities
• Eligibility – the 2 Day Advanced DISC Behavioral Studies – Level 2 Train-The-Trainer Accreditation

“The information received is so valuable. I can hardly wait for it to sink in and to spend some time…slowly reviewing all of the information that I received.” – Yvonne Vargas at Jack-Henry & Associates, Inc.

Course Objective

The objective of the 2 Day DISC Behavioral Studies – Level 1 training modules is to enable participants to Discover, Experience and Apply the Four Temperament Model of Human Behavior in order to enhance and positively impact their success both personally and professionally.

At the end of this course, you will:

• Have a greater in-depth knowledge/understanding of the DISC Model of Human Behavior
• Be better equipped to understand yourself and others
• Gain more peace and harmony in your relationships
• Have developed better ways of communicating and presenting information for understanding and clarity
• Gain insights and perspectives on how each personality style makes decisions
• Have greater awareness of your personal blind spots
• Increase you knowledge of how people of each personality style might exhibit stress
• Have better ideas to help you recover from stress more effectively
• Understand the concept and impact of different personality blends
• Have the ability to recognize both in-control and out-of-control behaviors
• Gain insights into the basic priorities for people of each personality style
• Understand ways to quickly distinguish between different personality types
• Gain knowledge into the history behind DISC and the Model of Human Behavior
• Better understand why DISC is some of the most important information a human being could possess

“I learned a new depth of the DISC materials and have a lot to bring back to my organization and nonprofit clients. Personality Insight is the Apple when it comes to DISC.” – Phil Johnson at Ambassador Enterprises

Course Content

The modules will be covered during the 2 Day Behavioral Studies Level 1 DISC Accreditation:

• Introduction and Orientation
• Adult Profile Assessment – Part 1
• Funbook…How to Understand Yourself and Others
• Adult Profile Assessment – Part 2
• Graph Reading
• Individual Personality Dynamics
• Interaction Dynamics
• Personality Map – Flow Chart
• Personality Kaleidoscope
• Presenting with Style
• Making Sense of the People Puzzle
• DISC History and Approach to Training