Soar2Success on LinkedIn

50 High Performing Tips to ENHANCE Your LinkedIn Profile

By Chris Rollins and Elizabeth McCormick.

This book was not designed to be a manual that overwhelms you and just collects dust on a shelf. It is written in a quick tips format that can be quickly implemented. 

In 15-30 minutes per day on LinkedIn, you can work through each of the 50 tips in this book to create an All-Star profile in less than a month. 

Order directly from Chris and receive a signed copy for only $12.97 (plus $1 for shipping) within the U.S. 

We appreciate you!

Want to connect on LinkedIn? Then simply reach out to Chris Rollins. Don't worry, I am sure I will be easy to find! But, (as one of our tips will teach you) be sure to PERSONALIZE your connection request. It's the best way to start building a quality network!


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