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50 High Performing Tips to ENHANCE Your LinkedIn Profile

By Chris Rollins and Elizabeth McCormick.

This book was not designed to be a manual that overwhelms you and just collects dust on a shelf. It is written in a quick tips format that can be quickly implemented. 

In 15-30 minutes per day on LinkedIn, you can work through each of the 50 tips in this book to create an All-Star profile in less than a month. 

This book is no longer being offered for sale. Be sure to click the red button below to check out the online (and up to date) course we have available. 



We loved this book and the people it helped along the way. However, this was published in 2017 and is written around the LinkedIn platform. As with "any" platform, changes are constantly made. While many of the strategies shared in this tips book are still relevant, too many of them are no longer done the way they are explained in here. It is just too hard to keep up with ever-changing platforms in a static book. However, we really took things up a notch by developing a LinkedIn Mastery course that is not only highly in-depth, but also allows us to make updates as the platform inevitably changes. Feel free to check it out by clicking the red button above.

We appreciate you!

Want to connect on LinkedIn? Then simply reach out to Chris Rollins. Don't worry, I am sure I will be easy to find! But, (as one of our tips will teach you) be sure to PERSONALIZE your connection request. It's the best way to start building a quality network!


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