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You may remember when LinkedIn launched the Endorsements feature and many people thought “this won’t last”. Well, it has! Rather than sit on the sidelines and argue about its effectiveness, learn how to harness it to make the most out of this feature in your profile. In today’s post, let’s focus on managing your list of Endorsements. 


For starters, I will quickly go on the record and agree with many of you who prefer to receive properly written Recommendations. People are quicker to endorse someone because it is a simple and quick process. I will gladly discuss proper use of the Recommendations feature as well, but that will be a separate article. For the time being, I don’t see it as beneficial for people to just shrug off this feature because they don’t fully understand it or see the benefit of it today. If it becomes a bigger deal as time goes on, you don’t want to be way behind your peers and competitors. Build it out now.


The main thing to start with is to point out that you are the one in control of your profile. Therefore, you need to actively manage and take control of your Endorsements as well.


“No, I am not” you might say. “I don’t control the items other people endorse me for”. While there is some truth to that, I will once again point out that you are the one in control of your profile. Let’s look at a few things that will make this section more beneficial for you.


Your profile can hold a list of up to 50 skills to be endorsed for. The skills will be listed in order based on the number of endorsements you have (that you allow to be shown). People tend to worry about the skills people endorse them for that don’t fit their profile. That is simple enough to address. You are not required to accept new skills that you don’t want listed on your profile. I receive endorsements for new skills often that don’t fit the things I want to have on my profile so I just cancel them.


At a minimum, determine what you want your top 10 skills to be. You can create the skills for your profile that you want to be found for. Although I have more skills below, my top 10 list is very specific with the keywords that I have chosen and manage that list to stay in my top 10. As a Speaker and a Trainer who focuses primarily on the areas of Leadership and Sales, my list clearly reflects those skill sets.


If you have skills listed that just don’t fit, you can edit your profile and then go to the Endorsements section. Then just select the skills you don’t want on your profile and click the add/remove. This feature will permanently remove the skill and all endorsements for that skill. If you decide to add it back later, those endorsers will not reappear.


I will provide an example from my list. My #11 skill on my list is currently In my last corporate position I was a user, constantly trained my sales force on its effective use, and was considered very proficient using the system. However, that is hardly a skill I want to see in my top 10. I don’t mind it showing on my profile as it is a legitimate skill, but not as one of my top skills. This is addressed by clicking the Manage Endorsements tab. Then you can simply uncheck some of the endorsements to hide them. This will reduce the number showing up on your profile and drop it down the list to where you want it. The good thing about this feature is that you are not permanently deleting the endorsement. If you want to add them back later, just recheck the ones you previously deselected and they will show back up and increase your numbers.

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When you see your own top 10 list of skills, do they represent the specific keywords you want others to think of when they remember you? If not, take a little time to develop your specific list. Ensure your current and previous positions support the skills you are listing with keywords that would remind others about why they should endorse you for the skills you are looking to increase.


If you have any specific questions about the Endorsement feature, leave a comment and I will be happy to address it for you.

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