LinkedIn is the world's #1 Business Social Network platform for a reason! 

The LinkedIn formula works. You just need someone to show you how to "work it". In this course, Chris will help "demystify" the process for you so you can begin getting great results too.

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LinkedIn Mastery

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Master Your Settings

Learn the behind the scenes settings that will help you make your entire LinkedIn experience much more personalized and effective. 

Master Your Profile

Complete these steps and you WILL create an All-Star profile. According to LI, reaching this standard makes you 40X more likely to be contacted.

Master Your Strategy

LI is not the #1 platform for lead generation in the world for no reason. Learn the formula for targeting and getting the RIGHT leads.

Master Your Brand

By this point, your profile makes you look like a ROCK STAR! Now, let's help your brand do the same. Apply these lessons to go to the next level!


Master Your Settings



These are the secrets to truly personalizing your experience on LinkedIn. They never seem to be taught, but they are crucial to getting the most our to the platform. This Module covers 10 lessons to get your Settings dialed in just the way you want them:

Account Settings

  • Log In & Security
  • Site Preferences
  • Subscriptions & Payments

Account Privacy

  • Profile & Network Information
  • How Others See Your LinkedIn Activity
  • How LinkedIn Uses Your Data
  • Job Seeking Preferences
  • Blocking & Hiding

Account Ads

  • Ads Section Review

Account Communications

  • Communications Section Review


Master Your Profile



Ready to achieve an All-Star profile that makes you stand out and look like the Rock Star that you are? Well, in this module we will dive right in and get your profile in top shape so it attracts just the right prospects you are looking for. This Module covers 17 lessons that will cover:

Information Card

  • Background Photo
  • Profile Photo
  • Add Profile Section & More
  • Name, Headline, Location
  • Connections & Contact Info
  • Customize Your LinkedIn URL
  • Let Others Know You Are Open For Business

Main Profile

  • About Section
  • Featured Section Overview
  • Your Dashboard & Activity
  • Experience
  • Education
  • Licenses & Certifications
  • Skills & Endorsements
  • Recommendations
  • Accomplishments
  • Interests



Master Your Strategy



By now your Settings are dialed in and your Profile makes you look just as amazing as you are. So let's turn all that work into creating something special. In this section we will focus on targeting and attracting the right leads that will take your business to the next level. This Module covers 11 lessons that will cover:

  • KPIs
  • Homefeed
  • Articles
  • Interacting in your feed
  • My Network
  • Jobs
  • Connections
  • Recommendations & Endorsements
  • Dream 100
  • Groups
  • Using Search




Master Your Brand



There is a part of LinkedIn that is so often overlooked and simply missed. Your profile is about you as an individual, but you should also focus on building and developing your brand. This Module covers 3 core lessons that will cover:

  • Business LinkedIn Site
  • Marketing Solutions
  • LinkedIn Learning











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Get The Course NOW

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Wes Dove

Working through the LinkedIn Mastery course by Chris Rollins was an eye-opening experience. I had been using LinkedIn for more than a decade and had steadily grown my number of connections but thought it was an exercise in futility, something I was just supposed to be doing but not really seeing any tangible return from the time. Early in the course, Chris shared that he had felt the same way at one point and made an analogy saying that “when we use a tool wrong, we shouldn’t blame the tool for our poor results.” As I worked through each step he outlined, applying what he was teaching immediately, I began seeing far different results right away! While I never really knew what it meant, the strength of my profile had always been listed as “Intermediate” but I had no idea what to do about it, or if it even mattered. By applying Chris’s first few suggestions, it immediately changed to an “All-star” profile. That was cool to see, but the results that have followed have been even more impressive. I’ve always seemed to show in searches a fair amount each week, but since making those changes the searches I’m showing up in are actually with the types of people I want to do business with, my target market rather than just people with similar backgrounds! Later in the course, Chris explains how to run a report showing our “Social Selling Index.” Let’s be honest here, we’re all selling or promoting ourselves or our business in one way or another or we wouldn’t likely be using the platform… Not only did this metric show that my profile was now in the top 2% in my listed industry, it showed that it was in the top 1% within my network of around 1,800 connections! And it also showed a significance increase in overall performance since beginning the course! I’ve certainly not fully mastered everything Chris mapped out, but I’ve already seen a huge difference in the value of the time I invest into the platform. If you’ve been using LinkedIn and just haven’t seen a tangible return, your question shouldn’t be about whether or not you should complete this course – it should be How FAST can I take action on what this course teaches?

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