How To Discover Your Team's Potential

Stop achieving your 'plan' and start achieving the true potential that your team is capable of. This in-depth 31 lesson course will help you discover the how to develop your team by recognizing each's member's strengths


Overview of the DISC Model of Human Behavior

Before we begin to look at how to apply this information to each style, we begin with an in-depth module to help you understand the psychological science known as DISC. Learn to recognize each style so you know how to effectively lead others. 

Preferences & Attitudes

Learn to recognize the natural preferences that affect how each personality style views the world. Learning to see things from their perspective.

How to Motivate each style

Ever wonder why certain people don't seem motivated and others do? Learn how each personality style is motivated differently.

Effective Communication

Some people just naturally connect. That is because they speak the same 'language'. Learn to speak fluent DISC and connect to everyone.

Ideal Environments

Ready to grow? When someone operates in their ideal environment, stress is reduced and productivity is increased. 

Ready to achieve your team's potential?

Bring the training right to you. This course has over 9 hours of video training content broken down into 31 lessons across 7 modules. It is like having more than a full day's training session at your fingertips. Go at your own pace as you apply each lesson. You will gain immediate access upon setting up your account.


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