God Wired: You Are Uniquely & Wonderfully Made

Chris Rollins and Ken Hartley teamed up once again. The result is sharing that you are far more than simply hard-wired the way you are. My friend, you have been God-Wired. 

You have an amazing personality. To fully express our love to God, Jesus instructed us to love God with all of our heart, soul, mind, and strength. 

In God-Wired, Chris and Ken show you how to love God with all of who you are. Using the DISC model of human behavior as your guide, you will not only begin to recognize the areas of your greatest strengths but also gain a new awareness of the full blend of who you are. 

Let's face it. We weren't instructed to love Him with the one part that we often feel resonates with us the most. We were told to love Him with it ALL. As you dive in and learn about how the heart, soul, mind, and strength each represent a unique part of our personality DNA, you will become aware of how to fully appreciate and embrace the full expression of who you were created to be in the world. 

As part of our book launch, you can order directly from Chris and will receive a signed copy of the book for only $19.99 (available only within the U.S.). This is the same as you will find the paperback version available on Amazon, but we wanted to provide this as a way to celebrate the launch. If you are outside of the U.S. we recommend ordering directly from Amazon to save the shipping cost. The book is also available in hardcover and as an ebook on Amazon as well.