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Chris inspires his audiences to DREAM BIG!!! However, he knows that the key element to an effective dream is the requirement to take MASSIVE ACTION! Without that, what was meant to be a dream simply turns into a nightmare!

For years, Chris successfully led Sales and Operational teams in the corporate sector by focusing on the elements that he found were required to create the right culture for massive and sustained growth. His passion for Safety, Sales, Customer Service, People Development, and Operational Excellence helped his teams to achieve unprecedented results. He shares from his real world experience to help your organization prepare to do the same.


Chris will entertain your audience, while leaving them ignited and inspired to achieve more!


Book Chris early in your planning stage so he can help your team achieve your goals during the event.

Chris does not just show up, speak, and leave. He can make himself available for private sessions or meals with your VIP attendees, takes pictures, mingles with the audience, and he speaks to the entire group (not just the front row). Chris can shoot a pre-event video that you can send to your attendees and will shoot a follow-up video as well after the event at your request.

Ready to create an event that will generate buzz long after the excitement of the big day is done? Then book Chris NOW.