At Rollins Performance Group, Inc., we exist to be a resource to provide value to organizations and individuals that are ready to achieve the true potential growth that exists within them and their teams.

We offer keynote speaking, group training workshops, as well as mentoring programs to help you reach the full potential that lies within yourself and/or your organization.

Our proprietary 3C Model of Performance (Communicate, Connect, Convert) focuses on the pillars of effective organizational growth: Communication, Leadership, and Sales. Chris’ mentor John C. Maxwell says that leadership is influence; nothing more, nothing less. Chris often adds that leadership really begins when you have “influence without requirement”. In Sales, group and individual Leadership is crucial in order to achieve the growth objectives that you and your organization have.

Businesses don’t grow without increasing sales and sales won’t grow consistently without the leaders commitment to continue to grow themselves and their teams. This is the two-fold process missing in most training and development systems where only one area is intensely focused on. Bringing the two together will bring consistent and exponential growth to your business.

We don’t challenge the status quo, we wage war against it. We are absolutely passionate about working with teams that want to achieve their full potential.

Here is who we work with:

  • VP of SALES or SALES MANAGERS- What would it mean to you if the next 12 months brought more growth than you have ever achieved before? We offer some of the most sought after Sales Development Training available today to help your team network, connect, develop relationships, & exceed your growth objectives.
  • LEADERS, MANAGERS, & BUSINESSES- Does the cost of high turnover, low employee engagement, & low customer satisfaction keep you up at night? We can help you create an environment where your employees feel empowered, are highly engaged, live in a culture that provides world-class customer service, & where people don’t just want to stay, but are waiting for the chance to work in your organization.
  • CONFERENCE, EVENT PLANNERS, & ASSOCATIONS- Are you looking for a Keynote Speaker that can ignite your audience to achieve the next level of performance? Maybe you need to charge up your Leadership or Sales teams. Chris can create inspiring & custom presentations to help you meet the needs of your audience. He has shared the stage with world renowned speakers such as John C. Maxwell, Les Brown, and Brian Tracy. His main goal when speaking is to make your audience members feel like the stars of the show, because they are truly the most important ones in the room.
  • SPEAKERS, TRAINERS, & COACHES- If you are looking to learn how to connect with your prospects better to increase your bookings, then perhaps you should consider going through an in-depth training of the DISC Model of Human Behavior. Or, you might even want to get certified in DISC to add to the curriculum that you are able to offer to your clients. We offer multiple DISC Certification events across the US each year. Sign up for one today.

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