TheSalesTrainforwebsiteThe Sales T.R.A.I.N. Workshop

The beauty of this model is in its simplicity. This detailed five-step process will teach you the art of bringing together a sales team, getting them to function in sync like the cars on a train, begin to build momentum, and become an unstoppable force.

Chris’ T.R.A.I.N. model will help individual reps elevate their own game who want to dominate their market. It will also empower Sales Managers to create the team environment and resource you with the steps necessary to rank your team consistently among the top performance in your company.

This course can be customized to fit a half-day workshop or you can really dive deep by with a full-day workshop.

Getting on the Sales Train is more than just a learning model. It is about creating an environment where the team has fun, is energized, and has the support they need to deliver the growth being expected of every sales team today.


Learning Objectives:


  • Discover the process to ensure your team is equipped to win in today’s marketplace.
  • Understand the secret steps that top performers take, but ‘average’ performers miss.
  • Learn the misperceptions about activity management and how to truly apply learning for results.
  • Understand how all winning teams drive accountability without creating negativity.
  • Discover the overlooked steps to stop the roller coaster cycle of performance once and for all.